Om företaget

With a holistic view we provide our clients with expertise and credibility in Design Thinking, Creative Direction, Place Branding and Concept Development. In addition, we assist with Project management and MarketingPR.

By understanding and anticipating user behavior, we interpret trends within fashion, social media and design. Which provides us with likely scenarios and needs that extend beyond the present and into the future.

Moreover, we enjoy and thrive in the task of challenging the identity of a brand or place, its’ sense, what it represents, and the perception people have of it.

Huvudsaklig inriktning

  • Destinationsdesign
  • Strategisk design
  • Systemisk design


  • Design management
  • Konceptdesign
  • Omvärldsbevakning
  • Platsinnovation
  • Processledning
  • Strategisk design
  • Upplevelsedesign
  • Varumärkesstrategi




Box 3412
103 68 Stockholm



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